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Adapter for robots

The HIWIN adapters for robot axes allow a lightweight robot and a HIWIN HT linear axis to be combined. This is a quick and easy way to design a 7th axis system. The adapters are designed so that the robots can rotate freely in the lower axis even with axes with an energy chain attached. The HT linear axes with robot adapters are optimised for horizontal installation. Axes for vertical use on request. All adapters are supplied ready for installation, including mounting material for attaching the adapter to the carriage of the axis and mounting material for attaching the robot to the adapter.
5 product(s)
Adapter set UR3e - HT200
Adapter set UR5e - HT200
Adapter set UR10e + UR16e - HT250
Adapter set TM5 - HT200
Adapter set TM12+14 - HT250